I started to make some ACKS Domain-gameplay tools


I built a google spreadsheet to automate a part of the domain gameplay, namely the calculation of income, the morale roll and population growth or decline.

If somebody could copy it and play around with it to see if it breaks somewhere, I would be most inclined. The management of a settlement is still missing though. 

And if somebody has some other ideas for useful tools I'd love to hear it. I was planning on setting up a web page in the future, with a suite of ACKS related tools.

Can't give an ETA on that though, my free time is limited at the moment, but as most of this is powered by Javascript, the parts already existing as google-spreadsheet scripts should be quick to port over.

And on a side-note, I should probably ask Alex first if it would be okay to make this tool-suite public.

Here the link to the google spreadsheet, you will have to create your own copy first before editing.


are these based on the rules as they are in the core rulebook or did you incorporate the changes from Axioms?  Either way it's looking very nice.

Ah, yeah, I should have mentioned: These are the rules from Axioms III.

very cool, I copied it over to my google drive and, if any of my players end up founding domains I think we'll be trying out your sheet.

Nicely laid out.

FWIW, stronghold upkeep was eliminated from the new rules:



Ah, thanks for the hint.