I'm creating a character and thanks to a very lucky roll he's ended up with loads. Ideas

I’ve got a problem

I’m making A Adventurer Rank Fighter/5th level Fighter, for The Adventurer, Conqueror King RPG

That means I get 16,000 Gold Coins to spend on his stuff

Foolishly I spend 10,000 Golds on A 50% chance for four randomly determined magic items, one random potion, and one random scroll and I pass with A roll of A 37 and 3,000 Gold Coins on a 25% chance for a weapon or armour, a 25% chance for a potion and a 10% chance for a miscellaneous magic item, I pass with A 17

I get decent stuff too, 1 +1 Sword, 1 potion of Healing, 1 +1 Ring of Protection, 1 Flying Carpet, 1 Ring of Fire Resistance, 1 Decanter of Endless Water and 1 Treasure Map

That isn’t the problem

The problem is that Treasure Map

The treasure map leads to the following treasure horde

6 Jewels that are individually worth between 50 Gold Coins each and 6,000 Gold Coins that are each a total of 12,900 Gold Coins

16 bits of jewellery that are individually worth between 28 Gold Coins each and 70,000 Gold Coins that worth a total of 119,253 Gold Coins

That means that the treasure is worth a total of 132,153 Gold Coins

All that and he’s only A 5th level Fighter with 20,000 experance. Ideas

The GM said I could buy A title, this is because the rules don’t say anything about Fighters not being able to buy titles before 9th level

For 120,000 Gold Coins I could buy 1 massive Barony with the title of very senior Baron with a castle worth 60,000 Gold Coins and 1,920 families each of 5 people or 9,600 people and around 1,680 troops