In-Character 2a Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

You’re quite certain it opens into the same space.

[quote="Hengist the Fair"] "Yes... those... look... -no, no, I'll be perfectly honest.  I can't see a thing in here. [/quote]

There is a scraping sound, not loud, but distinct, as if the carpenter is moving something, but you can make out little more than shapes.

[quote="Hengist the Fair"] Not to worry, though.  If there's one thing I've learned in my travels, it's always carry a light.  Hold my pack for a moment please, Dagmar." [/quote]

Give me a Suprise roll, please...


ok, better,then i will try to wait a little longer to see if i can get a better idea of what she is doing


Hengist turns, shrugging off his back pack for Dagmar to hold. As he raises it towards Dagmar's outstretched arms, she looks over Hengist's shoulder, and he sees her eyes go wide in fear, her mouth opening as if to shout...

There is a crash of wooden objects, and Hengist is knocked forwards in a tumble of chairs, boxes, and lumber. He stumbles into Dagmar, and both manage to retain their footing. A look over his shoulder reveals the carpenter crouched low, as if ready to spring again, the light glinting off something in the man's hand.

"Do you think me a fool?!" the carpenter hisses from the shadows. His voice is different, strangely accented.

Initiative, please...

There is a muffled crash, as of tumbling chairs, from below. The woman lets out a little shout, then quickly clambers to her feet. As she moves, you spot a small glint of light, previously covered by her head when she was on the floor. The woman hustles over to the hearth, picking up a hatchet from the woodpile...

There is a muffled shout from below - is that Hengist? - that sounds like "treachery."

Hengist the Fair

“TREACHERY!” Hengist yells. “Get him, Dagmar!”

Hengist takes his spear back in hand, and prepares to return the blow.

(With strength, Hengist hits only if the carpenter is AC 1 or 0.)

The carpenter readies himself, grabbing a length of wood from the fallen items. He springs towards the two of you, twisting as he does so. At the last moment, he feints to Hengist's right, but is blocked by Dagmar. Cursing her in an unknown tongue, he knocks aside her spear with the length of wood, then jabs the glinting object in his hand towards her throat, but she jerks her head back, narrowly avoiding injury. The man then spins and turns, easily avoiding your seemingly clumsy spear-thrusts, far more agile than a mere carpenter has any right to be.

"Thought you it would be so easy?" any pretense of the local speech has fallen away, the man's voice sounds increasingly strange as he sidesteps through the jumble of the workshop, "We dealt with those as you before, and you will meet the same end...serving us in life, or in death..."

Intitiative and next actions, please...

Hengist yells again, “AMBUSH!” and presses his attack.

Dagmar drops the pack for a firmer grip and strikes again as well.


I will get inside the window and follow her while drawing my sword

Without a sound, Kaul slips inside. The woman takes no notice of him, and she moves to a spot near where she was lying, her back to Kaul, grabbing at some kind of latch on the floor...


i will remain still and ready to stab her with my longsword (held two handed). i want to see some more before killing an “inocent women”

The man shifts his stance, feinting at Dagmar, before lunging in towards Hengist. Using the length of wood in his right hand, he easily turns aside Hengist's low thrust, slashing his other hand down inside the Fighter's guard. Hengist feels a burning line across his right forearm below his chain armor, followed by wetness as his flesh parts under the man's blade.

Hengist takes 3 damage

The carpenter tries to remain too close for Hengist to use his spear, but as the two of them grapple, Dagmar stabs her spear downwards into the carpenter's back. The head of the spear skitters across his tunic, seemingly without harming him, before embedding itself in his calf at the back of his knee.

In the poor light Hengist sees the tendons in the carpenter's neck go taught, a hissing sound escaping from behind a grimace, but he does not cry out, nor does he fall...

Please roll Save vs. Paralysis for Dagmar


if i hear more clearly fighting down stairs i will backstab the women.

There’s muffled sounds, and some clattering, and a couple shouts, the first of which was, “TREACHERY!”

[quote="Kaul"] i will remain still and ready to stab her with my longsword (held two handed). i want to see some more before killing an "inocent women" [/quote]

The woman fumbles with something on the floor for a moment, then a section of the floor alongside where she was lying falls away into the space below...

...a clatter of falling wood and grunting exertion can be heard clearly now. The woman moves to hustle down the stairs, axe raised...

Initiative, actions, and rolls, please...

With a heavy creaking sound, a section of the roof abruptly swings down, hitting the ground with a "smack!" On its decent, it hammers Dagmar in the back, knocking her sprawling onto the wooden floor of the capenter's workshop, toppling a several stacked bowls to the floor.

Dagmar is Prone. Initiative, actions, and rolls, please...

With a battle cry of “UNSAFE CONSTRUCTION!”, Hengist attacks again.

Dagmar stands up, and if Neddy is still in reach without further movement, attacks again.