Kudos for Levitee

I just want to put a shout out for Levitee, the pacifist Manatee with psychokinetic powers.  This was awesome, and I look forward to the parazoology book.

I'm especially happy with the choice of manatee, rather than the way other games would have introduced the concept, AKA Dr. Mako, Deathwolf, or Man-Ape.

Whomever you are, Levitee is awesome!  Please keep the awesome coming.

Thanks! Levitee came about because my wife did an internship in college where she helped save manatees in Florida. She then introduced me to them as adorable sea-creatures and we became a fan of the “manatee overlord” meme. I than had the idea of that manatee overlord levitating outside and making meme wisecracks, hence levitating levity levitee…