Lairs & Encounters Sneak Preview Errata

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Chapter 1: Introduction - 2nd bullet

If my adventurers want to secure a forest and clear OF it of any and all monster lairs...
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Sean Watson
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Chapter 2:
Dynamic Points of Interest.

First sentence references "a mapped region that their Judge has populated..."

As a D&D player, I'm unfamiliar with the term 'Judge,' but I presume it to the the Dungeon Master.  How about a parenthetical line clarifying this (i.e. Dungeon Master) or something?
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Sean Watson
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Chapter 2:
Dynamic Points of Interest

You reference either static points of interest or dynamic points of interest NINE times under the above heading.  That's a mouthful.  What about an acronym for each?  SoI and DoI?  Might make it easier to read.
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Sean Watson
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Chapter 2:
Obstacles to Securing Land

1.  ...On a result of "0", no random lairs are present.

You're missing a space after the comma.

Chapter 4: Monster Parts (Special) p. 83

The example venerable red dragon should have a pyrrhous gland as a special component, instead of a rufous gland.

Pg 96, Monster Organization table:

Aquiline is not listed; context implies it should be listed in same row as Accipitrine


Pg 107, Dao entry, first sentence of description lists monster as marid instead of dao.

Pg 56, first shaded box, last sentence reads "Of the panther were an enchanted creature..."; Of should be If.

p 84, the halfling is listed as "worthless for all purposes." They make very useful Self-Propelled Trap Detection and Triggering Units.

Right, but that's something else other than special components.

Special components of the halfling, which are worthless for all purposes, are what you get after you've used them to Detect & Trigger traps.

That particular task is in the Training Monsters section in L&E, but I believe, if listed, halflings need to be untrained from eating 3 of their 7 daily meals before they have enough brainspace to learn new tricks.

Blue Dragon Lair, page 17, second paragraph, 3rd line: 1,000gp as opposed to 1,00gp.
Brown Dragon Lair: page 18, first paragraph, 4th line: Missing parenthetical at end of sentence.
Hag: page 26, Eydis entry, last line of her description. It says 3 scrolls. 3 scrolls of what? 

On a separate note, I'd house rule halflings as having affinity with dogs (all), given Farmer Maggot's long-running pack of trained guard dogs.

Brigands: page 35, last line of the entry, "Adventurer" should be pluralized.

Phase Tigers: page 40, last sentence of the entry, they are phase tiger pelts and not displacer beast pelts.

Frost Salamanders: page 42, bold text in the second paragraph, 'three frost salamander' should be pluralized. Also, their special harvestable component, white ichor, should be listed here (just like the flame salamander's red ichor is above).

Wraith: page 50, the shaded boxed text, should be a typical wraith lair and not a typical shadow lair.

Death Charger: page 108, first paragraph, it's named a death strider in the description. Is the monster a death charger or a death strider?

Not necessarily errata, but the spread for dinosaurs seems small, given the range of body types within the general realm of dinosaurs, from Compsognathus (a 7-pound bipedal carnivore) to Albertadromaeus (a 16-pound bipedal herbivore, similar to a turkey) to Velociraptor (a 30-pound bipedal carnivore) through Ankylosaurus (a 6-ton armored quadruped) and Tarbosaurus (a 5-ton bipedal carnivore) to Mamenchisaurus (an 83-ton sauropod). My gut feeling is that there should be a bipedal dinosaur and a quadrupedal dinosaur; the armor of Thyreophoran dinosaurs can be attained in the system by using the Tough special ability.

Sphinx: page 120, last paragraph, ...and a Treasure Type of PJ., Is this P, J or is it a typo?

Mummy Lord, page 116: "When a mummy lord is reduced to zero hero points" - should be hit points, although hero points would have been an interesting take on them.

Monster Body Form table, pg 90 -

Crocodilian and Bovine are listed with a CCF of 0.2 - given the pattern of the rest of the table, this should probably be 0.02, and backcalc'ing the Crocodile and Herd Animal listings earlier confirms that.

Dwarf Lair: the dwarven warriors are listed with a move of 60', they seem to be "default dwarves", listed in ACKS as a move of 90'...?

Skimmed the draft sent to backers today, found the following:

Rock baboons lair description, only “babo” is bold, missing the ons

Polar bear: “Characters clambering into the hole crawl will discover a 10’ long tunnel” Is crawl a verb or a noun here?

Blink dog: “The pack leader is well aware of how valuable his offspring is” offspring are?

Blood hound: “mentioned frequently for his dark and abominable deed in local folklore” deeds?

Cat, Panther: “but for now they remain a fiercely loyal kin-grip” kin group?

Cat, Sabre-Toothed: “Adventurers who bypass the den without taking appropriate precautions to mask their travels may marked by the troop leader as potential prey” → may be marked

Centipede, Giant: “while their legs and mandibles are worth 3gp each as special components” Presumably per centipede and not per leg? :stuck_out_tongue:

Chimera: “The chimera themselves” Previously chimera has been pluralized as chimeras

Child of Nasga: “The floor of the gallery is cracked with age and vines grown from the cracks in many places” Vines grow?

Got bored at cockatrice, started skimming faster.

Faravahar, weren’t satrapis the domains of satraps? Use of satrapi as a title is somewhat confusing.

Monsters don’t get Wisdom? Even just as a bonus to saves against spells?

In the beastman components table, “Bubear, dire”

Dao component spells, “invisible” should be invisibility?

Flay fiend component spells, why parenthesized?
Vampire components spells, “torpor (blood)” ?
Carcass scavenger component spells, “swift strike” → swift sword?

Sidebar on square-cube law, “A giant tarantula’s weighs 500lbs” → giant tarantula weighs

Sample monster creation, “With a weight of 1,380lbs., the double-headed eagle is a With a weight of 1,380lbs, the double-headed eagle falls within the Large size category”

“As creatures of elemental earth, Dao are very strong” Capitalization of Dao inconsistent with previous paragraphs

Dire orc description, “Each gang encountered has a 10% chance to be mounted on on giant boar.” double-on

Dire ogre description, “There is a 75% chance thata dire ogre camp” → that a

Hyena header, “Hyena, Giant (Hyaenodon” is missing close-paren

Khepri description, “the dominant race in Aurëpos in era before man” an era before man?

“from time to time hapless adventurers will stumble upon on of the ancient vaults” upon one of

Kraken description, “Kraken able to swallow whole creatures of man size or smaller” are able

Leyak description, “This affect passes if the leyak leaves the victims range of vision, or if the leyak engages in combat.” victim’s, effect?

Zaharan description, “slaves sorcererously bred” sorcerously

jedavis, regarding your last point I think you are correct, but it could be interpreted in an extra creepy way if they actually were bred with sorcerers in some kind of bizarre eugenics program instead of just with the assistance of magic. I can imagine adventurers kicking in a door and coming across such an act in progress, and just deciding to back away, close the door and go home.

maybe set the complex on fire on the way out.

Eh… my mental model of my players predicts a joking, “Hey, you need any help with that wink?” followed by “Hooray, backstabs for everyone while they’re out of their armor!” Maybe even a “beast with two backstabs” joke.