Learning about domains

Currently the result of a Campaigns recon roll is that it yields prisoners that have lots of information about armies, but virtually no information about the domain itself. It’s natural to suppose that a soldier from a domain would have lots of information about where he lives! Things that could potentially be learned from interrogating a prisoner would include things like:

  • The ruler of the domain, and his liege lord
  • The number of families in the domain
  • The quality of domain land
  • The size and layout of the domain’s stronghold
  • Additional troops garrisoning the domain not on campaign with the army
  • The amount of gold in the domain’s stronghold treasury
  • Any rare or valuable magical items held in the domain’s stronghold
  • Similar information for the vassal domains under that domain’s ruler

Each of these would have multiple tiers of information detail corresponding to the quality of the prisoner, just like the current table on page 60 for armies.

I’m thinking of writing out my own table, but currently it seems like such a good suggestion in my mind that I’d like to recommend it for inclusion in the published version.

I’d also note that the current table on page 60 doesn’t have a column for Common-quality prisoners at all, despite this column being mentioned in the example! I’ll probably just rewrite the entire table for our session today, to fix this at the same time as I add more information options.

I caught the missing “Common” prisoner table in edit and it’ll be fixed in the next published doc.

We are already into layout so there won’t be any additional tables or rules added to the game. Your idea for a domain information table is certainly a good one and if you create it, please share it with us!

For the moment I’m just roleplaying domain-related intelligence, in a hopefully logical way. It seems to be relatively easy to rationalize what a given prisoner “ought” to know, instead of making it depend on a dice roll.

Oh yes, let me also add: If there’s an updated version of the D@W rules that could be uploaded to the backers index on Google docs, it would be greatly appreciated!