Lifepaths & Ability/Proficiency Value

I like the 3d6 in order, but I know some players will balk at it.

At the same time, I'm considering a lifepath houserule where you have the chance to possibly pick up an additional General Proficiency prior to 1st level.

What would you say a Proficiency is worth relative to a possible Ability increase?

Of +X to an Ability you may or may not be interested in, (having already chosen your class)?

Or of +X to two different Abilities you may or may not be interested in? What if the +X couldn't raise an Ability above 15, how does that change things? I'm just trying to eyeball this right now.

You might still be able to lower these juiced Abilities in the service of improving your prime requisite(s).

My intent is where the worst things on the lifepath tables are mostly flavor and the best things slightly improve your character's starting weatlh, abilities or proficiency. And that each of the results helps to individualize characters and inspire the players.

Any ACKS lifepath houserules out there?

I wrote a lifepath system for an ACKS Cyberpunk variant. Email me at and I can share it with you.