Limiting Hijinks by type in a settlement

See my post here for more info:

From the rough estimates made in that other thread, my version of the maximum number hijinks (attempts per 20 000 urban families are as follows):

  • Assassinations 1
  • Carousing 2500
  • Smuggling 200
  • Spying 300
  • Stealing 800
  • Treasure hunting 20

For every 100% extra there should be a negative modifier (-1?) to the urban morale as that particular crime is getting out of hand and causing excessive losses of urban revenue or other disturbance. NB! The value for treasure hunting is quite high, but considering the fact that the treasure is not in the city and must be retrieved even successful treasure hunting rolls will lead to more problems before the loot can be recovered.

That looks pretty solid. This could be a useful Axioms article, everyone...