List of custom classes

Here's my Failed Paladin custom class from late last summer:

Ah, new classes! I love making new classes. The gentle click of everything falling into place is so... relaxing. Then again, I tend to go a bit overboard... here are a few I've made:

  • Werehuman race type
  • Wolfwere, a class built on the Werehuman race
  • Spy, for those "diplomatic" missions.
  • Dwarven Sapper, a work in progress; almost completely custom spells, using a custom magic type (sapper magic).
  • Ectomancer, also a work in progress (some of the spells are a bit wonky as yet).
  • Fright Knight, an XP-heavy, custom Inherited magic, Thrassian class. Neutral or Chaotic only.
  • Clown - don't use this. Just... don't. It's beyond broken. It's here more as a reminder of the depths of depravity human creativity can sink to. Some of the spells aren't actually within the rules (oops), but all of the spells are just plain wrong. Totally and completely wrong. I didn't even have the heart to make the 5th and 6th level spells, let alone ritual spells... [shudder] chaotic mimes... what was I thinking?