Looking for an example of setting creation

A while back, I posted this question on RPG.SE. It's been a while since then; Presumably someone has made a world using the ACKS rules since then. Did anyone think to keep their notes from when they did?

I'm looking for an example of the world creation rules being used. Not the end product of their having been used (though that wouldn't go amiss), and definitely not a guide to creating a fantasy setting (plenty of those around already) - I'm looking for a step-by-step example of the ACKS rules for creating and mapping a setting being used for their intended purpose, from blank-page-and-concept to hex-map-and-location-notes-ready-to-go.

My goal is to try and get a grasp of what I need to be thinking about at which stages of the process, so that I know what I have to worry about and when.

I've been documenting my process fairly thoroughly on my thread over in the homebrew forums. I've mostly been doing plot-thinking and worldbuilding right now, but I'm about to get into the numbers and player-materials, and wouldn't mind posting in detail about them.

See my thread here, where I work through setting up the economy of the region in which my game takes place.