Magic item creation

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How does a “scroll” compare to a trinket. Are they not very similar, except for the fact that a trinket is more flexible? No language or specific spell assignment. Do they not overshadow scrolls in all ways?

Following up on the conversation about generic special components, when creating a magic item from a sample, the cost is reduced. Is this cost reduction exclusive to the precious material cost, or does it extend to special components as well? Once one allows magic to be repurposed, that raises the question of “how many special components can be gotten out of this potion?” Right?

Trinkets have the restriction of only being able to 'spell cast' a ceremony you have in your repertoire, whereas scrolls are independent of your repertoire, and I think perhaps even independent of the highest spell level you might know (yes - pg 216, scroll spell must be on spell list, but not repertoire, does not have to be of a level you can normally cast)

On the second part - I don't know. Pg 118, Formula and Samples, says "cost and time", not "base cost and time", but it comes before the Special Components section. I'd bet it's either answered elsewhere on the board, or Alex will fix us up right quick.

I didn’t notice any mention of formulas or samples benefiting trinkets (or talismans), though this may just have been missing.

If they can’t benefit from formula/sample, that would be one advantage of a scroll.

Trinkets, Talismans, and Scrolls

Trinkets, talismans, and scrolls are similar enough that some players and Judges may find it easy to confuse the three. As a summary:

  • Scrolls allow a character to cast a spell that they might or might not know without expending any spell slots or spell points.
  • Trinkets allow a character to perform a ceremony they already know as if it were a spell without paying any ceremony cost.
  • Talismans are trinkets that can be used repeatedly, recharging daily.