Managing the transport of hirelings?

The party is doing multi-market hiring of...hirelings, to fix up a stronghold.

I know how long it'll take for the process of travel, hire, travel, hire, arrive.... but, are there any costs for transport of the people (laborers, craftsmen) expected to be paid by the party, or is that included in the abstract "cost per type by market" fee when hiring?

Alternatively, I guess, the wage output starts at the moment of hire, and if it takes them a week to get there, so be it?

in the specific case of a stronghold, isn't it assumed that if you're using the default numbers, people just show up and start collecting wages? It's only if you start deviating from that amount you need to start calculating.

That aside, my gut tells me that the cost of them moving shouldn't be more than just "you are paying them".  I'm not sure adding complexity above that either creates meaningful decisions or does a better job of modeling the wolrd, and players that care enough can still optimize by buying horses to ride back and forth.

My personal ruling as a Judge would be that if travel is a reasonable distance, it’s included, and if your stronghold is in the middle of absolutely nowhere 50 hexes away from the closest market, then getting your hirelings there is an adventure and should be played out as such.

I typically treat hirerling travel time as needing them to be paid as if they are working for you at whatever they do.  However they aren't actually doing their intended job during that time frame so just dont add to productions during that time frame.  (though if the players are willing to pay them better than normal I'd likely waive those costs, as the incentive is there for the Hireling to move of their own volition)

As with most hirerlings though they may need suficent protection along their travel (so maybe the cost for a few guards on top) much the same as when they are working at a stronghold as well.  Though I've found in my case the players tend to have a caravan gathering up the key hirelings anyway, so have already paid the caravan and guard costs that would ential for the process.