Map Book Questions

Does anyone have the map book and can provide some inside on the wilderness maps?  My players are mostly 3rd level and I'm expecting them to start looking into the wilds sometime soon... however, the resolution of the wilderness map in the PDF is illegible (the hex sizes) and even the printed hard cover is a little hard to read.

I'm wondering if the map book (PDF) has larger hexes and much better resolution.

The curse of middle age and reading glasses!

I have extraordinarily poor vision and the map book, and I find it entirely readable (with a little effort, but that’s true of every map for me).

It is, in my opinion, much more readable than the PDF of the core book or the hardcover.

(Although personally, I find it even easier to read in the printed form of the map book, but the PDF is still an improvement over the hardcover/PDF core book.)

For my own use I've combined the four page-sized images from the map book into a single wilderness map.  Would it be okay to post a link to it here?

Please feel free to post the link.


Here it is.  Since it combines the four pages of images in the map book the resolution is of course better than the correspoding image in the dwimmermount book itself.   But otherwise it's the same map.