I’m planning out a campaign and I’m at the point where i need to draw a map. However I have exactly 0 desire to hand draw one and don’t know any online mappers. Does anyone know any good resources for this?


Brush on clearly readable hex terrain, and either mark it up with settlements and lairs there or import it into another program to do.

Hexographer is pretty great, yeah. I wish their support for nested maps were better, that they had a better back-end file format for their maps (I think they’re switching to XML soon, but even XML is sort of a pain), and that it were in something other than java, but those technical nitpicks pale in comparison to its raw utility. It’s made mapping (and making those maps actually usable for my players) infinitely easier for me this campaign.

I used an Inkarnate map for my last session, and it worked well enough.

I also make a hex-based GM's version using Hexographer, though, in case they want to start hex-crawling off the beaten path.