Maps of the Auran Empire

We have added two maps of the Auran Empire to the downloads section.
The Hand Drawn map is my original hand-drawn map of the region. It shows major kingdoms, cities, and terrain features, latitude, ocean currents, climate, and so on.
The Full Color map is a first draft of a painted map of the region. You will note some inaccuracies and differences from the Hand Drawn map, but it’s prettier!

Very cool!

Thanks! That is a huge help- now I have a much better feel for the world.

Very nice.

Nice one - I like having the sea in the centre rather than just a big slab of continent, gives access to sea trade/naval combat experiences for the PCs without having vast overland treks first, and feels more like the Mediterranean.

exactly :slight_smile:

What is the scale of the smaller, Player’s maps (centred around Cyfaraun and showing the the borderlands to the N.W. and The Waste to the S.E.?

I’m getting a 404 when I try to access the full-color map

Me too

I guess this site is dead?

not dead, but has been having some issues as of late. Another thread has mentioned they’re having their web dude look into it.

Not being the web dude, I don't know what happened to the original file when we moved the site to a new host, and when I try to upload it to the downloads area I get a "file too large" error. In the interim I made it available for download via Google Drive at this link.

Thanks Tavis.

Is the hand-drawn map of the Auran Empire going to be available again at some point?

Yukiomo:Is the hand-drawn map of the Auran Empire going to be available
again at some point?

it would be nice to have it back… I should have it on some backup hd but I don’t seem able to locate it