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Avauntar and surrounding hexes

02.20 - Temple of the Glorious Mire

Home to Dinyafreyput, who his followers believe is the actual living God of Mud.  The temple itself is a rhomboid-shaped one story building made of sod.  It looks like it's seen a few winters but not all that many.

02.24 - Town of Avauntar

03.25 - Ancient Spire

A centuries old, cracked and crumbling minaret stands here, ivy circling to the top.  The spire is, as of the publication of this map, unexplored as the entrances to the base of the tower are covered almost entirely by the earth and would have to be dug out.

05.19 - Village of Greatclone

Tiny village of 40 people.  Built around a villa that was perhaps a noble's home in a more civilized era.  The people are cheerful and willing to trade.

05.26 - Gray Obelisk

The obelisk, standing roughly thrice the height of a man, sits atop an earthen mound.  It has carvings of a yet unidentified language on it.

06.21 - Giant Ant Hill

A massive anthill, standing at least 30 feet tall, is here.  An unknown number of giant ants are living in this location.

08.25 - *DANGER* Bandit campsite

This area is known to be a resting place for roving bandit gangs that prey on nearby caravan routes.