Marching Order and Night Watch

Please post marching orders for wilderness, dungeon (two person width), and dungeon (one person width).  Also post watches for overnight camping.  Please don't post anything else in this thread; put it in OOC.

Wilderness, Full Force


Forward Outriders: four platoons of Taerad's veteran horse archers, two each on both the right and left forward arcs

Forward Main Body: four platoons of Arnolt's veteran light cavalry

Main Body: three platoons Taerad's veteran cataphract cavalry

Baggage Train

Rear Main Body / Reserve: six platoons Alistair's veteran light cavalry

Flank and Rear Outriders: four platoons of Egil's veteran horse archers, with one platoon on each of the right flank, right rear, left rear, and left flank positions

The PCs will ride together in front of the Forward Main Body.

Dungeon Front
Egil (Invis)  
Siegmar Taered
Arnolt Mundo
Alistair Vinric
Emmon Reinhart