Market Class Confusion

Hello everyone,

I've done my due diligence googling around in this forum, and I can't find the exact answer.

I'm trying to run ACKS as closely as possible to RAW, and make logical inferences when there's ambiguity. That being said, here's the issue.

I've been running Dwimmermount in ACKS since November 2019, and this is how I've interpreted the rules for selling magic items.

When selling magic items, each city can purchase a number of magic items determined by the Magic Item Transactions by Market Class table on page 227 of ACKS core. That is, if the players want to sell a +1 sword worth 5,000gp, they can sell 1 to each class II city each month.

One of my players is interpreting the rules differently, saying that each CATEGORY of magic item should have a guaranteed sale or a percentage chance of sale every month. With this ruling, a party with a +1 sword, 2 spell scrolls, and a +1 shield should be able to sell the sword and the shield at a single class 2 market because they are in different magic item categories. He is inferring this from page 40, where it lists Equipment Availability by Market Class. It states that each market has a number of items available equal to the number on the table for each individual item.

Based on the simplest reading of the rules, I still believe I am correct, but I'm interested in hearing the official ruling from Alex.