[Mercenary, Liberator, Tyrant] Tyche's Favourites

Tyche’s Favourites – Episode 5 – Part 1

The investigation begins into who was behind the attack. Clues are examined, a prisoner is questioned and Menesthios gives his instructions on how to proceed: this insult must be answered, the shades of his sons cry out for vengeance. Septimus and Herakleides are bedridden for the time being, but will recover. Preparations are made to enter the city for the first time.

Tyche’s Favourites – Episode 5 – Part 2

Philipos causes a disturbance at the gates to get the measure of the men he is to train. Meshullum talks to Isandros, a prominent man amongst the artisan class, and Philipos visits Menesthios’ Greek son, Idomeneus. Following up on leads from the attack brings the pair to the house of Abdeshmun, and on the trail of a missing scribe. That brings them to the docks and a confrontation with men working for the notorious crimelord who rules the city’s illicit trades.

Tyche’s Favourites – Episode 6 – Part 1

Funeral preparations for Apollodoros and Lykon continue while a prisoner is interrogated, giving up a name: Bolon. He is sent away with an ultimatum from Septimus for his boss – assist in the investigation or be destroyed. Rhyanidd arranges the first meeting of the city hippeis. Philipos receives an invitation to the gymnasium. And at last a visit is paid to Metallo who broaches a mutually beneficial scheme.

Tyche’s Favourites – Episode 6 – Part 2

Plans are set in motion for training regimes for the task ahead. Meshullum continues to make preparations, enlisting the aid of the shipwright, Telekles. Rhyanidd visits the temple of Herakles, making new friends amongst the local Celtic population. Philipos attends the gymnasium, meeting Akestes and several influential men of the hoplite class and narrowly escapes humiliation at the hands of Glaukias.

Tyche’s Favourites – Episode 7

Bolon delivers his reply to Septimus’ ultimatum in gory fashion. Rhyanidd begins training the city hippeis, demonstrating to those worthy men just how unready for war they are. Plans are made for an appropriate response to Bolon’s the insult and allies enlisted in what will be a bold strike to change the playing field in Massalia.

Tyche’s Favourites – Episode 8 – Part 1

Matters of the heart and conflicts within the band arise, and Menesthios asks Septimus for advice on family matters. A delegation from the timoukoi tries to dissuade the PCs from the plan to send the militia in to the docks to hunt down Bolon, resolving to take the matter to a debate in the council. Rhyanidd brings funds and followers to Lugobelinus.

Tyche’s Favourites – Episode 8 – Part 2

The hoplites muster and Philipos puts them through their paces. Septimus is back on his feet, though not fully recovered. The council meets to discuss the attack on the docks. Rhyanidd receives a message from Metallo. The Cilician brothers return from the city wounded having had a run-in with Bolon’s men. A surprise attack is prepared while the council continues to debate, a direct strike to keep the crimelord off-balance.

This was the last session for the time being, with the arrival of my second-born, running a game won't really work for a while. As a group we're reprising our D&D4e Icewind Dale game for the third and final time, then moving on to a 13th Age game using a homebrewed setting.