Missing letters

I’ve just downloaded the D@W final .pdf files and I’m seeing dropped letters, both on the chapter heading pages and in the text itself. I’m viewing on my phone, so that could be the source of the problem. Is anyone else seeing this?

I’ve got the same in Linux (evince) and Windows (Foxit); in the Windows 8 built in PDF-thingy, I get all the letters but the font has changed.

May be some sort of font embedding issue?

Battles looks ok to me in firefox’s pdf.js on linux on cursory inspection.

Autarch is aware of the issues and it’s being addressed.

Mostly aware because Bobloblah sent a hilarious emailed called STOP THE PRESSES.

This should be fixed now.

I’ve always wanted to say that, you know? Now I feel like…my life: it is complete.

Indeed it is.

One of the joys of managing a small business has been the number of opportunities I’ve had to say the things I’ve always wanted.

“You’re probably wondering why I’ve called you all here today.”
“Don’t make me destroy you.”

Oh, man! Someday…when I grow up…

Although, this part → Alex said: “Don’t make me destroy you!”…man! Tough boss!