Modifiers for attributes over 18

So there is a 94.45% chance that a table exists…

I like those odds.

But only a 5.55% chance no table is necessary. What is this, Rolemaster?!? :-p

Or half that for none, I guess. Messed up my own joke… :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. So to be sure I’m understanding it if you have a belt of giant str you also double your str mod (if any) or do you assume it gives you and 18 str as well? This does contradict what the book says (which I’m fine with considering the item is so wonky).

How would a belt of frost giant strength work? Or storm or fire etc?

You double your STR modifier for damage. You do NOT assume 18 STR.

Awesome. Thanks!

So how would greater Str work? Storm giants and fire giants?

I ask because I use a bunch of Ad&d modules and often have different level girdles and it’s something I would like to preserve. However increasing the multiplier by one for each giant size seems excessive.