Monster Level (kinda dungeon level)

I have seen that monster and dungeon level are maxed at 6, but some of the monsters on the list look like they would be in a typical level "9" Dungeon? I was curious about that design element, does it hurt the game if there are dungeon bosses who are level "7"? Named demonic or devilish princes, beholders, things like that?

Also is my assumption right that basically level 6 monsters are about 8-9 level monsters in the first edition, and that 5 would be about 6-7, and 4 would be 4-5? It seems like it but I was not sure if that was the design intent with the games creation. Thank you guys for your help in the forums. I love that there is a community of players to speak with about these issues, it is what keeps a game going strong and keeps it playable.

Unrelated side question, what is the release date of the next axium magazine, I bought a 1 year sub, but how do I just auto renew?

Hi Layander! 

The correlation between dungeon level and monster level is always just an approximation. It's a mechanism that is intended to avoid wiping out your adventurers by having them stumble onto Sauron in the first room they enter. You should feel free to mix it up to fit your game world. 

The next issue of Axiomis is coming out in a few weeks. I'm just finalizing all the text. DTRPG doesn't offer an auto-renew sadly... You can sign up on our Patreon if you want to get monthly articles on an ongoing basis.