More rigorous social conflict mechanics?

I like the reaction table. I feel like there's the basis of an engine I can use for a more rigorous sort of regulation of social interactions. Through the Proficiencies, I'm also offered some means of distinguishing a particular sort of approach (Bargaining, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Seduction, etc). However, it really doesn't feel significant enough to manage social conflicts in an interesting way. What I want is more than just a single roll for a yes/no/maybe answer (or roll again). I'm after some sort of structure that can make various types of interaction a more nuanced affair.

I should add that I consider the Will save (Staffs and Wands) valid as a "defense" in social situations. Especially since there's no magic in my game anyway.

Some examples of the sorts of things I want more support around:

  • Interrogating someone via questioning, trying to catch them out or make them let slip something they don't want to tell you.
  • Prosecuting/defending someone in a legal case, where you have both judges and a jury to convince.
  • Speaking before an assembly, where you have to get people to listen to your arguments and try to win them over so they vote the way you want them to.
  • Over time and a number of encounters, persuading an enemy to defect to your side.
  • Convincing someone to adopt your preferred solution to a problem, when they're certain theirs is better.
  • Over a longer period of time, skewing an election in your favour.

Even better if it's the sort of thing that's transparent and interesting enough that players would be happy to have it apply to their characters, too.

I'm not expecting this to be something already done in a published game/supplement, but I'm after ideas or things people have already done.

Some random thoughts, not put into any sort of order. My feeling is that you want a social combat system, and should make it mirror the physical combat system.

  1. Many things could be modeled with mechanics like the various special maneuvers in combat… A “hit” roll, and a saving throw. You have the saving throw in your “will” save/staves and wands. Now, what should the attack roll be?

I propose it should look much like the turn undead table, as this will give that structure meaning in your game. It was originally a Morale check type roll, as well, so there is precedent. The structure of the table can be converted to something like 3x(level diff)+base roll. I’d propose tweaking that somehow, probably by reducing the impact of level and incorporating charisma and wisdom bonuses, and the other modifiers.

So my raw proposal would be something that acts like turning, with number of hd effected and duration and all. At the end of that duration, the effected get a saving throw. Failure means they stay in their altered state, success means they catch themselves.

Rolls obviously require reasonable actions to make them happen, etc.