Most Valuable Threads

Hello, everyone! Over the years various threads have cropped up here, in House Rules, and in Ask the Autarchs. I was wondering if you might help me list out the most valuable threads in this forum post, for use in compiling an FAQ/Addendum/sticky thread.

Here’s the list I keep around for reference.

A sample of the rule calls that I have found helpful in my understanding of the system.

Wow. These are really good threads.

ACKS Blogs should be a page:

And Custom Classes:

I’ve got ~70ish bookmarked, I need to go through and cull the outdated ones (there’s a handful that were deprecated by D@W’s release)

More useful ACKS material (threads and blogs):

For what it’s worth, How Does Anyone Survive… was misinformed by my failure to interpret the wilderness encounter rules correctly. I had another post, semi-recently, recanting of that particular error, with a link to the thread here clarifying the ambiguity; will post after work.

So is the post where I correct my errors from How Does Anyone…, and is the forum post where Alex clarifies random encounter frequency in civilized and borderland areas.

Alex also commented favorably on ; in some sense this was half a manifesto on how not to DM ACKS for 3.x players.

I’ve found critically useful for hex-stocking (a popular thread - I think it appears in both Aryx’s and Boomish’s lists as well; the magic item prices thread has been very useful as well).

I’m rather enamoured with Cameron’s method at , though I have yet to put it into practice. The whole Grim Fist thread chain was inspiring reading too; maybe not informative of rules, but a gloriously readable example of using the system correctly for many levels.

Sadly, for the purposes of this thread, I don’t keep useful links but instead extract the useful text into files on my PC. Such extracts from Alex I keep within an “Autarch” folder.

One such very enlightening (to me) extract, “Adventuring Proficiency”, was not from the Autarch forums. I don’t remember where I stumbled on it.

Adventuring Proficiency

The idea behind the Adventuring proficiency was to make sure that every character in ACKS could perform the tasks that were common in B/X D&D without needing a proficiency to do them; in other words, to avoid a “skill tax”.

These activities are scattered throughout the rules:

  1. Adventuring for 5 turns out of 6
  2. Bashing down doors on 18+ on d20
  3. Hearing noises on 18+ on d20
  4. Spotting secret doors on 18+ on d20
  5. Noticing traps on 18+ on d20
  6. Avoiding getting lost in wilderness and sea at the chances listed on the Terrain Navigation tables
  7. Foraging in the wilderness on 18+ on d20
    8 ) Hunting in the wilderness on 14+ on d20
  8. Riding on a mount for long distances without being hurt
  9. Fishing at sea on 14+ on d20
  10. Evading opponents in the wilderness at the chances listed on the Wilderness Evasion table
  11. Igniting burning oil without hurting oneself on a 2+ on d20
  12. Self-treatment of wounds sufficient to heal 1d3 hp/day

ACKS does not assume that the average person in the game world is capable of all of the above. The young peasant boy without Adventuring proficiency who’s never left his village probably won’t notice traps, will almost certainly get lost, doesn’t know how to forage in the wild, can’t ride, and doesn’t know first aid.

The titles of the other “Alex sez” extracts are:

Advanced Reaction Rolls
Beastman Custom Classes
Bracing against charge
Cheap Keeps
Dwarven Brewing Clarification
Gods of the Auran Empire
Healing Proficiency Clarifications
Hex Size
Land Surveying
Making Magical Arrows
Normal Men and Mercenaries
Potions versus Scrolls
Spell Points
Weapons and fighting styles

A search of these forums would likely turn up the original link, or I could post my extracted text as requested.

This isn’t the longest thread, but it’s a question that comes up fairly often.

Bless my new computer that can open 75+ new tabs at once without spontaneously combusting. May or may not be a few duplicates, I have a habit of re-bookmarking certain replies, I think I culled them all.

New mechanics for spellcasters:

Mechanics of exploration and hex management:

Inside ACKS (internal mechanics revelations):

Interesting rules and rulings:

Tools, spreadsheets:

Interesting flavor and such:

So much awesome… so little time!