Mozartos First Adventur. ACK

so we my group just started ACK, and i desided to make an Assassin. and this is a rundown of the first adventure of the Assasin Mozrto ! (not his real name tho)

Mozarto is a kind of wired Arabian/Itallian kind of guy... so he tends to stand out when he talks. also, he tends to mention his own name a lot.
the campaign is what we assume is vanilla, but the religious have gained a lot more Political power, and though have outlawed Mages.
thought luck... but Mozarto is no mage so his fine.
Most encounters are made by the random chart in the books. unless it happens to make no sense at all.

The morning day start whit Mozarto standing half naked on top of a roof, bathing in the glorious light of a new dawn.
Mozarto : Ahh this will be a day of greatness. Mozarto knows! also... Where am i?

GM: after the groups long travel you have arrived to a small settlement where you have been told that the mayor is in need for adventures.

Mozarto decides that he should find the other people.
and so he did.

together they are a party of 4, Mozarto, the questionably motivated mage named Dreadmark. (a longtime friend of Mozarto)
a less lawful cleric.... I can’t remember the name of... or maybe he never told? that bastard keeping secrets from Mozarto !

and an x-city guard. I never asked the name of... Mozarto sleeps better not knowing the names of city guards.

Dreadmark: so. are we going to the inn first to putt of some of our stuff? or strait to the guard house to get our job?
Mozarto: the inn ehh? it be foolish to buy a room if we don’t know if we are welcome first? yess?
Dreadmark: fair point.... to the guardhouse it is then...

[now we are going to skip the annoying guards and their Uhh ohh so many adventures have died... are you thought enough talk....
but we get a kill some Goblins Job. 2½ gold piece for each goblin tongue we bring back.... Mozarto have killed for less... this is good deal!]

Dreadmark: ok. so, we are already, let’s just get going and kill those goblins...
Mozarto: What? NO... No, no, no. this is not how you kill stuff. first we go around town and ask how to kill goblins.
Dreadmark: you take your sword and stab them. then they die.
Mozarto: Yess. and that is why you will die and Mozarto will live! yes. go right ahead...
Dreadmark: Fine.... we meet up at the market in two hours...

[at this point we try and gather information.... Mozarto fails.... but if you tell he will Kill you....]

Dreadmark: Ok. I was told that they like to make flame traps... where they throw oil at people and then burn them....
Cleric: and pit traps.... and Spike traps.... and...
Mozarto: ahh Mozarto see. Good, Good... now Mozarto will buy Chickens.
Dreadmark: da fuck... ok you do that...

[Mozarto then buys 5 chickens]

Dreadmark: ok... I need to know... why?
Mozarto: it’s a lot easier to kill goblins if they come to us... or we can walk into their flame... Pit... Spiky Traps Yess?

[Dreadmark buys 5 chickens...]
[Dreadmark start looking for spices... race spices... cooking equipment... Chicken Cage's...]

Mozarto: Dreadmark... stop yourself.
Dreadmark: what?
Mozarto: you’re doing that Dreadmark thing, where you get inspired and try to go totally over the top whit your new idea...
Dreadmark: AND???
Mozarto: you’re doing it for Chickens....
Dreadmark: ....
Mozarto: ....
Dreadmark: .... Right...

[the adventures then leave the settlement whit 10 chickens]
[leaving the peasants talking about a group of adventures who brought 1/3 of all the chickens in the settlement]

we start wandering... and we end up finding some farmers we ask for direction since we don’t know the area...
late we end up in a forest, where we set up our lure...

Mozarto: eyy guard?
x-guard: yes?
Mozarto: Im going to go and hide in the Shadows.... but if you can see me give the kettle a Bong so I know Im not hidden. yess?
x-guard: sure...

[it takes roughly counted about 15 rolls where Mozarto fails to hide]
[doing this time, he was found insulting 4 Tree's mothers, and breaking a lot of branches]

[eventually we lure out an encounter... but not goblins. instead we get STIRGES !]
[we manage to win the battle... and learn 3 things]
[1; Stirges leach on to people and are annoying]
[2; Stirges are like Chickens and can be eaten]
[3; the Cleric and Guard really like chicken soup and found themselves surprise ambushed]
[4; no... we also learned that they had a nest close by.]

[after some healing Mozrto convinces the other that his luck at hiding got to be better now and he can totally sneak in to their nest and steal all the treasure]
[Mozarto releases his 5 chickens into the forest to lure the Stirges away. and sneak to their nest.]

the encounter turned out better than expected.
the rest of the party find out that the Striges have leached onto the chickens... making for a nice ambush.
easy kills.

Mozarto on the other hand find himself against 7 Stirges... and totally not hidden.
but things turn for the better after Mozarto start throwing military oil on them and the Cleric run for his rescue and make a pretty epic cleave stunt...
Mozarto then find himself liking the priest more... Mozarto like to not be sucked dried of blood...

[no interesting loot... but more stirges...]
[we retreat to the farmers, and pay for the night whit stirges... since they are eat-able]

[we spend a great deal of the next day trying to heal up.]
[then we once again set up a Chicken Trap.]

[this time we lure out cobalt’s...]
[we wait until the cobalt’s get close to the food before we charge out and ambush them]
[Easy fight....]
[but we find us self-surrounding the last cobalt deciding who is going to get the kill]

Mozarto: uhmm Priest? Eh, can you speak cobalt?
Cleric: hmm yes I can... why?
Mozatro: Ok you translate right! OK Cobalt, right? yes? we let you live if you show us your Lair? Yes?
Cobolt: Yes, yeeesss don’t kill cobalt Yesss...
Mozarto: and if you also can show us goblin Lair.... you get two chickens! Yess?
Cobalt: Chickens??? Yess Give me chickens! I show the way !

[so the cobalt show us to his lair]
[we decide to try and trick the Cobalt’s into attacking the Goblins]
[after feeding most of them whit our way too many Stirges and last chickens. they agree to kill goblins for 8 Chickens for each Goblin tongue]
[we then travel whit a small warband of cobalt to the goblin lair]

it turns out they are hiding in an old abandoned church to our Clerics god.

[most of the cobalt’s die in oil traps]
[and their leader to a poison door trap]

[we kick in the first door and find 8 Lizardmen]
[the lizardmen kills the last cobalt’s white we retreat outside]
[the lizardmen follows. still numbering 8 and we are wounded.]
[Dreadmark decides that he is going to try that sleep spell he still had not tried yet]
[16 on 2d8 and all the lizardmen are asleep]
[easy kills....]

Mozarto: Puhh.. that was amazing Dreadmark. I was just about to drop my last oil and burn down a church
Cleric: I appreciate that you don’t burn down my Gods house.
Mozarto: can’t you just tell him that you offered his enemy’s in a glorious blaze of fire?
Cleric: No... that’s not how it works, it’s a church.
Mozarto: well there are good and bad church, right?
Cleric: this is a Good church.
Mozarto: Sure... but Im just saying some church have nice priestess and some are full of Goblins and lizardmen... Yess?
Cleric: "looking displeased at Mozarto"
Mozarto: Fine... if that’s what your God is into... then Mozarto will search for traps then...

[Mozarto find a locked door... and he believes it to be untapped... he then walks back out to the entrance.]

x-guard: what are you doing?
[Mozarto lifts the old and rotten door matt]
Mozarto: Looking for a key? yes?
GM: there are no Key under the door mat
Mozarto: You be surprised of often this works!

[Mozarto decides to kick in the door]
[and find an empty hall, leading to a wall]
[Mozarto makes a Find hidden door roll, and fail]
[Cleric makes a Find Hidden door roll and Succeed]

Cleric: I found it.
Mozarto: what? no way, Mozarto have already checked this place. I bey you 3 Copper that there is no Secret door here!
[Cleric pushes lever, and secret door opens]
[Mozarto gives the cleric 3 copper and quietly insult the clerics mother]
Mozarto: Eye Dreadmark. I Bet you 3 Copper I can find a hidden door in here
Dreadmark: Yeah right. Im up.
[Mozarto Pulls the same lever as the cleric and open the secret door again]
[the cleric smiles]
[Dreadmark pays Mozarto 3 copper]

the secret room was empty.

we search more of the dungeon and find a door into a dark room.
[Dreadmark listens to the door. and hears the noises of small creatures]
Dreadmark: there are a lot of small creatures in there and they are not insects.
Mozarto: [Looks at X-Guard] Ha.! Mozarto was just about to bet you 3 copper that we would find Giant Spiders, and not goblins on the other side of the door.
X-Guard: Sign....
Mozarto: He-he... Mozarto Saved money... Mozarto is smart.

[we decide to camp in the dungeon before we battel the goblins, since our mage need his spells]
[we get ambushed by Giant Centipedes but take no serious damage]
[but Mozarto get poisoned, and are Sick....]

[our mage prepare 4 Sleep spells]
[and thanks to that we can easy cleave and murder the sleeping goblins that outnumbered us 36 to 4]
[but Mozarto can’t do much since his sick. but he can pull aggro by walking up to the biggest goblin he can see and make rude gestures]
[the X-Guard does go down and his ear get damaged]

here we end it and haul all the loot back to town...
Lots of silver and Copper... And a magic sword!
Mozarto is pleased. we have still not decided who are to get the sword....

that was our first adventure and we are looking forward to our next run.

Also Mozarto is thinking about buying a Inn.

Thanks for sharing your first adventure!

I love the use of chicken to lure monsters. And Mozarto would have gotten along well with a thief of similar style named Massimo who was an early member of ACKS...



Hah! Good stuff. I learned from Dungeon Crawl Classics how useful bringing some farm animals along can be. We never thought to bring them back in the early 80s when we first started out.