Need Adventures ASAP Please!

Hey gang,

First off, my players stay out of this thread. Ben, that means you!

The party got their hands on a random treasure map in my campaign recently and they decided to ignore all the nice areas of the world I’d already statted up and run straight for the the map’s area.

I wasn’t really prepared for this…

So, I desperately need a good SHORT adventure/side quest for anywhere from levels 5-10 or so. Most of the party are in the 6-8 range, but anything a little to either side of that is ok.

Prefer B/X or LL style adventures, but 1st Ed and 2nd Ed will work. Something short (like a one level dungeon, or a One Page Dungeon that fits that level range) and is already stocked. Prefer ye olde ruins or dungeon or cavern/lair in tone, in the wilderness (nothing Urban as we’ve established the place is in the wilderness).

Old Dungeon Magazine modules would work if someone can point me to good ones. Basically anything so I’m ready for next week.



Sorry, I’ve got nothing. I look at treasure maps as a way to get the party to travel to a random hex; the journey to the hex is the adventure. But that doesn’t help you with your actual request. Maybe just pull your favorite item from your list of dynamic lairs and plop it where X marks the spot?

From the blog “A Rust Monster Ate my Sword”:

From One Page Dungeons 2011:
Into the Worm’s Gullet
Heart of the Minotaur

From One Page Dungeons 2010:
Trolls Will Be Trolls
Dungeon from a Distant Star
The Bone Harvest Horror

From One Page Dungeons 2009 Codex:
The Foetid Pit
Lost Tombs of the Serpent
Valley of the Necromancer Kings

Wow… thanks Alex. Seriously awesome as always!

So…have you already gone through and prioritized the OPD into level or something? Because if you have, I’d love to see your index! :smiley:

And thanks for Rust Monster Ate My Sword…I’ve not stumbled across that blog yet.

No, most of the OPD I didn't find useful for ACKS. It just happens that the ones I listed are adventures I've used myself so I thought I'd recommend them!

Ah, ok, fair enough. I keep meaning to dig in and try to organize them by level-ish groupings but it seems like such a daunting task (and so many of them aren’t the right fit). I’m definitely liking some of them though.