New Autarch Kickstarter: Lairs and Encounters

Got this backed as a Christmas present. Pretty excited about getting to see a draft copy of the document. Only a couple more days until the kickstarter ends!

at 48 hours we might see another spike, that's when everyone who chose "remind me about this project" will get an email.

Can we talk about how the splash art for the kickstarter is perhaps the prettiest ACKS art I've seen yet? It's so cool! I love the touch of the guy's helmet having eyeballs, and the tentacle monster having little lights...


Also, L&E backed! Christmas usually taps me out for money, but I sold plasma to make ends meet this year.



It’s like we were playing The Price is Right or something.

seems like somebody REALLY wanted that last stretch goal. that mark was hit with seconds to go.

What can I say? It was the only way to sure. Aside from nuke'ing the site from orbit.

bobloblah lobs blob of dinar toward autarch czar's star art.

But seriously, it wasn't me that pushed us over. I upped my pledge a few days before to help push.

.... i retract my whimsical assonance ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

Huzzah! No RPG is complete without a Monster Manual! I'm so pleased to find out their ACKS' monster manual was not only funded, but will include every monster!

I'm excited to see the Sphinx, which has been sitting in the ACKS encounter tables for a few years now.

I was beginning to think it's absence was part of the riddle.

But the presence of the Sphinx will remove one of the semi-error messages from my toolkit :frowning:

“I do not have stats for sphinxes.
But you rolled a sphinx encounter.
Have fun!”

The sneak preview was mentioned in an email a few days ago, but I have not gotten it. Did it just not get sent out yet, or should I be harassing support about it?

I was wondering that myself.  I remember being tormented with anticipation for the D@W and SSoS playtest docs, but in my joy at their arrival I always forget to record roughly how long it was between successful kick and delivery.

I too am waiting eagerly for this preview.

I've gotten the preview e-mail and peeked inside. Hopefully this is just a minor glitch or delay in e-mail delivery for y'all :)

It arrived late last night, posts made were prior to that :slight_smile:

Skimmed a little of it thus far, very excited!