New Player? The Auran Empire: Default Setting of Adventurer Conqueror King


From what I have read about this game I like it and plan to buy. For I have a large group of players, presently playing Dungeon Crawl Classics, and we are excited about starting a new game.

When will the game be released? It says Q3 but that is subject to change? Also, what exactly comes in the boxed edition? I know there are core rules but what else? Is The Auran Empire: Default Setting of Adventurer Conqueror King included with the box edition? Or are these a bunch of seperate downloads?

As to running the game I will start a new group of players, at my local game store, once we can all get copies of the game and read the rules.

I am old school and do not value pdfs and other electronic media as much as the brain dead younger generation does so I need my printed books to make me happy:)

Michael and group…

Hello Michael! Thanks for your interest in ACKS.

1) ACKS has already been released. A second printing ACKS hardcover will be in stores in mid to late Summer. Some stores currently have the first printing. 

2) There's no boxed edition of ACKS. Where did you see a reference to one? We might have some bad marketing collateral out there or something.

3) The Auran Empire Campaign Setting hasn't been released. It's implicit throughout the rules, but as most players here will tell you, it's nothing you need to live by. ACKS will work for any campaign setting you'd like, for the most part. The Auran Empire setting will be Kickstarted later this year.

4) We have two supplements available for ACKS: The Player's Companion and Domains at War. Player's Companion has a dozen new classes and races, dozens of new spells, spell experimentation and magical mishaps rules, custom class creation rules, and custom spell creation rules. Domains at War has rules for military campaigns, pitched battles, and sieges. 

ALex reference the box set, check out the image on the GameSalute site, it totally looks like a box and not a book.

Yes, it does look like a box. Thanks guys for information…

Facepalm Thanks.