New Race Options

I would like to see Humans able to take up to 8 character class points to build their classes, same as the other races.  I 'm not sure what to do about Human 0, except to say that it allows +1 to max level for the class (normally for most of the other races, 4 build points means the max level is 13.

Human 1 through Human 4:  Each points in the Human build category gains one point in any of the five regular categories - HD, Fighting, Arcane, Divine and Thief.  The XP cost of each point in Human is equal to whatever the cost would be to buy a point in the chosen category.


Half-Orcs and Half-elves should also get the +1 max level.  Again, I'm not sure what to do with Half-Orc 0 or Half-Elf 0; perhaps infravision for the Half-Orcs?

Half-Orc 1 through Half-Orc 4: Gain a point in either Fighting or HD, each costing 500Xp.

Half-Elf:Not sure what to do here.


Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome!