nobirans and turn undead and energy drain


I have been reading the companion manual carefully it says that the divine level and the nobiran divine level stack so if you have divine value 1 + nobiran 1 that renders a level 2 in terms of divine casting, my doubt is about the turn undead skill. A class can access that skills allocating points in divine value, in the example above which would be the power of the turn undead skill? half level only because the class has one level on divine value or as a cleric because the nobiran level adds to the divine value  rendering in 2??

I have noticed that there is no restoration spell in this game, so the only way to remove energy drain levels should be through the ritual spells described in the companion handbook ?? Am I right?? Could I add a minor restoration spells that allows a saving throw to the player and if successfull will regain one level drained ?? I was thinking that could be a level 4 spell or may be just allow restore one level without the need of a saving throw. What are your thoughts in this matter ?? I think that the players should have access to way to mitigate this affect somehow.

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I'm not an Autarch, but here's a spell I created to restore energy drain. Ity's a7th-Level ritual because 1) It's basically the opposite of energy drain, so it makes sense it would be the same level and 2) BECMI D&D had Restoratino as a 7th-level Cleric spell so it fits.

Restoration (Divine 7, Arcane 7, Eldtirch 7 White)

Range: Touch

Duration: Instantaneous.

Restore 1 level or hit dice to a living creature that has suffered energy drain. This spell takes a severe physical and spiritual toll on the healed creature - they must roll on the Tampering with Mortality Table and suffer the effects (ignoring the modifiers for the number of days since they died and the damage to their body). The caster may spare the healed creature this effect by suffering it instead.