Online Domains at War?

Are the half-hexes supposed to be used on the top and bottom? Or are those the magic hexes that mean you’re routed?

susan_brindle: The ones that don’t enjoy wargames are weak, and deserve only suffering.

I like you. You’re good people.

Lacking video had led us to multiplexing problems, where nobody’s sure when someone is done speaking. I have yet to find a satisfactory solution to remote gaming; I think a push-to-talk solution might solve this particularly part of the problem, but I still don’t think it would stand up to in-person.

Solving the ‘one person at a time’ problem is actually quite easy once you get used to it. Worst case is people talk over each other and then awkwardly both stop then have to repeat themselves individually (it’s like when you both try to step aside in a hallway), but really, that isn’t a major issue.

The bigger thing that you lose as compared to face-to-face is the ability for more than one person to productively talk simultaneously. Between the magic of selective perception, different distances from people around the table, etc, in person it is not only possible but easy for persons A and B to have a quick discussion while also listening to a more main conversation. That’s something that can’t really be done with VOIP. (You can, however, use text-based communication on the side, which is one reason why I actually like text-based communication for online gaming a lot and prefer to use the VOIP mostly just for the table chatter/hanging out/pronouncements from On High.)