Online Old School

Hi all,

Wondering if there’s any interest in an getting some ACKs’ers together for a regular online (Virtual Tabletop style) game?


I would like to. Problem perhaps is time. I’m at GTM +1 and guess most here are from somewhere “over the ocean”

I’d be very interested - however my life schedule is awful. I could and would be into playing a game after 10pm on Sundays or 9pm onwards on Monday evenings. My timezone is EST (GMT-4 currently I believe).

Sorry, that doesn’t help getting a group together with Beastman. :-/

I am doing a one-off Dwimmermount session at 3pm Pacific time 4/7 (which is to say 11pm in London and 7 am on 4/8 in Tokyo). Other times will come up but this one is so my son and his cousins can play!