Orc Custom Classes

Nope, entirely different bugs :-).

bobloblah: Just realized you might have been talking about a different kind of formating. Here are the issues I’m aware of:

  1. If you look at below the comment textfield, just above the “Save” and “Preview” buttons, there is a pulldown menu that says “Text format: Plain text”. For normal formating for this site, you want “Filtered HTML”.

  2. “Visual Editor” is another format, but I didn’t turn it off: it’s NEVER been available to anyone but administrators/editors. It has some interface bugs, like making text smaller without being told to (and not being able to change the text back!).

  3. Quoting is a filter that can apply to any of the other filters. It’s broken in all of them, and borks the site in ways that are a pain to fix.

Thanks! I hadn’t

  • pull-down

Restore life and limb on thread!

This really interested me, as I have designs on a beastman campaign, though I had a couple questions. For the divine mystic path is it cleric caster levels (ie: no spells till divine 2?) would turn undead/Divine class restrictions come into play at that time (such as the cleric’s weapon restrictions?)

Secondly what would a gnoll custom race look like? from this thread something like this?

fearsome size (3 powers?)
unempathetic (0 powers)
Bestial tongues (1 power)
mystic path (??? powers)
natural AC of 1 (1 power)

Thanks for posting this. Between those and the Hobgoblin Warchanter class hinted at in D@W, I’m looking forward to more monstruous mayhem!