Patron Deity seeks Hero (class)

I think a 4-armed race would be way more cool. I guess extra arms (extra attacks) would be very costly.

The Praetor looks a bit front-loaded. I prefer the Thrassian approach, where claws / armor / fighting improves with the Racial value. A Thrassian 4 is just slightly better in combat than your Praetor 2. A theoretical HD 4 Praetor 4 class would be a lot stronger than a HD 2 Fighting 2 Thrassian 4?

Are there any guidelines on creating custom races and figuring out xp values available anywhere?

Fundamentally, what the Fangs and Claws power does is give the character an attack routine with X attack rolls and Y average damage.

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t change around the damage per attack as long as the average remained the same, though it would not be as simple as flipping the bite and claw damage.

d4-1/d4-1/d8-1 gives an average of 2.17 (2 and 1/6). If you wanted stronger claws and a weaker bite, you could do d6-1/d6-1/d4-1.

That said, like Weron, I’m wary of a class that gets Fighting 1 per racial value. What would a HD 1/Fighting 7 (Fighting3/Racial4) look like? I also think it looks front-loaded as well; it should probably have weaker hide, weaker natural attacks, and so on at Praetor0 and scale them up as you put more points into it.

I want to add to the chorus of That’s Awesome! We love Ookla the Mok, and that would be a fun class to play. I’ll ensure our classes remain distinct.

I don't know about the Praetor, but I'd love to play as a Lost Cosmonaut! 


I don't know about the Praetor, but I'd love to play as a Lost Cosmonaut! 


So makes me think of the John Cryton character from Farscape :P

Draft Terran "race":



Men and women from 20th and 21st century Terra sometimes end up trapped on Kanahu. They might have been teleported there by a freak physics experiment, or perhaps their space capsule fell through a wormhole and ended up in Kanahu orbit. In such a barbaric world of savagery, idolatry, and superstition, these educated people are utterly alien and thus are a "race" of their own.

Modern terra is a world of Science and Reason. This is, of course, an abstraction, as superstition still subsists. However, the Terrans discussed here are those of an archetypal modern mindset and education. Familiar with advanced technology, they might seem indistinguishable from (actual) sorcerers to the typical Kanahi savage.

This "race" represents characters who recently came from Terra, but have learned at least the rudiments of the local language.

(In terms of inspiration – think of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court rather than John Carter)



All Terrans require a minimum Intelligence of 12 or better. Terra, of course, has its fair share of less intelligent people, but the archetype we represent here is that of men of learning. Also, modern education will make even the less bright Terran look very clever in comparison to the majority of Kanahu's population, which is for the most part illiterate and atavistic.


Class category Values:
  • Divine: Terrans may not have any Divine value on Kanahu (though many hold faith in a Terran religion).
  • Arcane: Terrans are of rational mind and thought. Furthermore, actual magic, as present on Kanahu, does not manifest on modern Terra. Therefore, they may not have any Arcane value.


Terran 0 (200XP): at Terran 0, the class will have the following three custom powers:
  • Technological Familiarity (reskinned Alien Intuition): Terrans are familiar with technological concepts. While they may lack knowledge of typical Visitor artifacts, they still tend to quickly recognize them as tools and machines and examine them in a scientific manner. Therefore, they can achieve On the Spot Understanding with all alien tech on a roll of 11+ (with mishaps only on a 1) (counts as 2 proficiencies).
  • Rational Thought (reskinned Illusion Resistance): Modern-day Terran education emphasizes rational thought and scientific reasoning. Therefore, a Terran is skeptical about his surroundings and enjoys a +4 bonus on saving throws to disbelieve magical illusions.
  • Scientific Knowledge (Knowledge proficiency at level 3): Terran education, even at the college (or high school!) level, is far superior to Kanahi education in the Sciences. Terrans can function as Sages on the subject of Science, can instruct students in the scientific method, and enjoys the other benefits of the Knowledge (Science) proficiency, as described in ACKS Core. (counts as 3 proficiencies).


Terran 1 (400XP): Terran 0 + 1 proficiencies


Terran 2 (600XP): Terran 0 + 2 proficiencies


Terran 3 (900XP): Terran 0 + 3 proficiencies


Terran 4 (1,400XP): Terran 0 + 4 proficiencies


Experience Point Progression After 8th Level:

Terrans may only follow the Fighter or Thief progression (i.e. HP, Fighting, and Thievery values) and increase the amount of experience required to gain each level after the 8th by 10,000XP.


Lost Cosmonaut is:

Terran 1 (one extra proficiency)
HD 1
Fighting 1a (as Cleric - knows how to wear a vacc suit and thus very heavy armor but not very well trained in swordplay)
Thievery 2 (Pick Lock, Find Trap, Disable Trap + 2 powers for tradeoffs)
Max level 12
1,800XP to reach level 2

Man I cannot wait for this to come out. :D