Peryton Conversion Help

I'm currently converting the peryton over to ACKS --- that eagle-deer looking thing that rips out your heart, then gets busy! (If there is one already made, or a good conversion, let me know). And I'm trying to figure out how much a special ability, +2 bonus to attack rolls is worth (via L&E). The Berserk special ability grants a monster a "+2 bonus to attack rolls and is immune to fear. Its morale score is raised to +4." The ability according to L&E, is worth  one asterisk *. But, I do not want the immunity to fear part, rather, just the +2 to attack rolls. Maybe 5 ##### hashtags?

Also, I'm undecided if I'm going to allow the peryton to be able to grab opponents and take to the air! On one hand, I'm doing my conversion from the AD&D 1ed MM, and it does not have that ability (it can't even use its claws to strike). Yet, it sometimes keeps human prisoners in its lair for food & reproduction, and I get the impression that it captures them in the aforementioned manner. Also, later interations of the peryton do have the ability to grab and lift foes aloft (as well as use its talons to strike). But I'm trying to keep the peryton old school (unless I can make it really cool, which I can't), yet, the MM1 peryton very well could've not been thought through, given the era.  As well as, it's only 5 feet tall (but a 20' wing span). So, I derno, I kind of want it to do it, I kind of don't. I want it mainly because of the taking prisoners bit (but I'm also fine with it just being flavor, that is, it can do it, but not, in game). What do you think?

Also, under the special ablity fly in L&E are the hashtags cumulative? For example, flying twice your speed is worth ##; dive attack is worth ##; and pick-up and drop is worth ##. So, if it could do all three it would be worth six?

Not to be a rip-off, but what do you think the ACKS peryton would be like? I want mine to be like it.