Phantasmal Creatures

An illusionist of 11th level or higher may create a quasi-real creature. The rules for this are identical to those for constructs (which illusionists cannot make), with the following exceptions:

  1. Phantasmal creatures can be disbelieved with a successful save vs. Spells. This halves the damage they deal (to the disbeliever only) and grants a +2 bonus on saves by the disbeliever against the creature’s spells and effects.

  2. Phantasmal creatures have the immunities of a construct and are immune to non-magical weapons. This still counts as only one special ability (the extra ability is approximately balanced out by the “negative” ability above).

  3. Shadow creatures require a library and meditation chamber, rather than a library and laboratory.

An example phantasmal creature is the shadowbeast:

A half-ton bat composed of shadows and nightmares, with a wingspan of 200 yards, usually found riding warm air currents along coastal waters. It can carry up to 50 stone at normal movement, or 100 stone at half movement.

A shadowbeast exists only in deepest night, evaporating with the first hints of dawn and re-appearing at midnight.

The only known shadowbeast hunted fishermen who stayed out too late, smugglers, pirates, and others who attempt to sail the coasts at night. They are extremely stealthy, inflicting a –2 penalty on surprise rolls.

A character can attempt to disbelieve; a successful save vs. Spells reduces the damage from attacks to bite 2d6 and claws 1d6/1d6; and grants a +2 bonus on saves against the shadowbeast’s grab attack.

A grab attack is made at –2; and the victim can make a saving throw vs. Paralysis to avoid it. Once grabbed, the shadowbeast can carry the victim into the sky and make a bite attack each round (with no chance of missing) or drop the victim. The victim may make an additional save vs. Paralysis each round; on success, the victim is automatically dropped.

They are immune to spells affecting sight, but are blinded by spells which suppress sound or hearing.

% In Lair: 0%
Dungeon: none
Wilderness: 1 shadowbeast
Alignment: Neutral
Treasure Type: None
Size: 100 stone

Shadowbeast. HD 8** (36 hp, AC 4, save F4), Move fly 240’. Attack bite 4d6 or claws 1d12/1d12 or grab. Immune to non-magical weapons, poison, gas, charm, hold, and sleep spells. Can be disbelieved (half damage, +2 vs. grab). Morale +1. 1,600 XP.

For those who prefer the somewhat less informative but more compact standard format:

Shadowbeast. AC 4, Move fly 240’, HD 8**, hp 36, #AT 1 or 2, Dmg 4d6 or 1d12/1d12, SV F4, ML +1, AL N.

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