Got my pictures and had them framed, then I took lousy cell phone shots of them. I will eventually get around to hanging them!

I could say I wasn’t jealous, but that would make me a big ole’ liar.

Those are awesome! When you hang them up, send more photos!

nice! I’m glad they made it safely to your place and can now live happily on a wall :slight_smile:
if anyone’s interested in seeing more of my pics from the book, there’s a gallery of available drawings up at my etsy site:
ACKS was my first large illustration project. Before that I did a couple of illos for James M.'s Petty Gods book, a couple for The Secret Fire, and that’s it - so most of the work I’ve done in this universe exists in the ACKS core rulebook. I don’t currently have another illustration site, but my art site is up at

I wish I had the money to spend on the skittering maw (sharktipede) illustration. Ah, well.

for what it’s worth, here’s a coupon code for free shipping on that site: “12340”
or if you reeeeeeally want something, email me an offer @ I like it when people who care have the stuff rather than watching it sit dormant in a pile in my studio, so I might be up for another discount.
OR - I might be up for a trade, if anybody likes. I’m in need of some old monster manuals / etc. of various ilk and origin as I’m working on a monster project at the moment. I love me a good barter.

I have a convention coming up this weekend, and I told my financial manager (aka my wife) that if I didn’t drop a lot of money there, I would buy me some art.
What books are you looking for, Ryan? I got some old books laying about that I don’t need.

I’d like to get as many monster books on hand as possible, including any from the OSR and other non-TSR/WoTC fantasy RPGs. I’ve got the 1e Monster Manual, the 2e Monster Manual, and a couple 2e Dark Sun Monstrous Compendiums, but that’s it right now. I’m designing some monsters and creating even more illustrations of monsters (sans rules), so my main objective is to create material that hasn’t already been done elsewhere, ie. I don’t want to make a bat-monkey-skunk if we’ve already got a bat monkey skunk somewhere out there in the universe.
Things I’d really like, in particular, include the Fiend Folio, Deities and Demigods, and The Temple of Elemental Evil module (all 1e). I wouldn’t mind having the infamous Monster Manual II as well.

I have a first-edition Deities & Demigods (not the Elric/Cthulhu edition, sadly) that I’d gladly trade for art, as well as a bunch of 2nd edition Monstrous Compendium stuff.
I assume that as an admin you can see my email. Hit me up!