Pit Traps

How are you guys adjudicating pit traps? For the longest time, I don’t give a saving throw to avoid them - you either step on one and fall or avoid it entirely.

But, last game we had a situation where one of the players cited “Acrobatics” that says:

“The character gains +2 to saving throws where agility would help avoid the situation, such as tilting floors and pit traps.”

Do you guys permit a saving throw to avoid pit traps? The ACKS book says:

“Some traps may offer a saving throw to reduce or avoid their effects, or may only damage the characters on a successful attack throw.”

And, cites Bricks from Ceiling as a save v. Blast, but there is no mention of pit traps.

Particularly interested in how you run it, Alex. Because as far as I can tell in B/X, pit traps have no saving throw.

Alex has answered this question here: Save vs. Pit Trap.

Summarized: If the pit trap offers a save, Acrobatics probably applies. Acrobatics does not, however, guarantee that pits will offer a save.

Thomas, that’s EXACTLY what I was looking for. I should have searched first! Thanks so much!