Player's Companion update

I saw the PDF was updated at RPG Now. What was updated?

someone asked Alex about this on the discord (and gave him sass for not including a blurb about what was updated) he said:

"it's mostly minor stuff

like footers that say "dwarven delver" when they should say dwarven fury and so on

fixed the 0.35 / 0.75 error in death spells"

Thank you!

Can anyone post those corrected spell values?  I have the hardcopy only.

Dave, the spells were fine, there was simply a typo in the spell creation rules that incorrectly listed 0.35 instead of 0.75 as the cost multiplier for attack throws on death spells. 

Also, we give a free PDF to hardcover buyers - if you only have the hardcover, email me at and I'll send you a PDF.