Playtest: Priestess Class Feedback

In order to use spells and turn undead, priestesses must uphold the strictures of their order and their goddess. If the Judge has not specified particular religious orders in his campaign, the default priestess is assumed to be from the Keepers of the Hearth Fire, the order devoted to Mityara, Goddess of Civilization and Mercy. The strictures of their order are many. When in public, they must always wear the white mantles and shawls of their order. Every seventh day, they must keep a flame lit throughout the night, representing the light of civilization. They must refrain from the taking of human or demi-human life (Of course, beastmen, undead, and other monsters are abominations and should be put down!) And they must remain both chaste and celibate until they reach the rank of Mother (7th level).

Luftmensch, regarding combat trickery, the priestess’ fighting skills are so bad that it wouldn’t be worthwhile for them to take. Plus I’d have to remove another proficiency to make room. All things being what they are, I left the proficiencies as is.

A code of behavior need not demand virtue – a class’s code could dictate strange or vile behavior if appropriate to the class’s concept. For example, a cultist class devoted to chaotic powers might require ritual sacrifices, or use of strange drugs. The Judge is the ultimate authority on the permissibility of any class’s code.

Excellent! That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear.