Possible Core Rules Errata

This is pretty minor, but I’m curious. Are Elven Nightblades supposed to have Arcane Dabbling as a class proficiency? From the class description, it appears they can already use mage items?
I’m sorry if this has already been asked and answered. I searched the forums and didn’t see this covered (also, if there is any posted errata that anyone can point me to, I’d appreciate it).

If I recall correctly, that’s how they can do it… they have the proficiency.

But the class description says they can use any magical items available to mages or thieves at the bottom of the 4th paragraph on page 36. Either Arcane Dabbling should not be a possible proficiency (and replaced with something else, if I understand the class building stuff correctly) or the reference in the class needs to be fixed to just “thieves”.

Good catch, M.I.
In an earlier iteration of the elven nightblade, they did not have the ability to use mage’s magic items, so arcane dabbling made sense as a proficiency. I later updated the class but did not update the proficiency list.
As errata - remove “arcane dabbling” and add “combat trickery (disarm)” to their proficiency list.

Also need to replace the Trap Finding proficiency for the Nightblades, too (base class can’t find traps). And the arcane avenger template in the companion should be altered as well.
I hate to nit pick, but I love this thing you guys have done so much. Brings back fond 25 year-old memories.

The Elven Nightblade is intended to have Trap Finding. This post explains why (related to the Assassin, but the same reasoning applies):

Oops. Serves me right for typing before looking. Very good.