Proficiency questions for new player

I don’t think even reading the whole book would save you, because it’s too much to keep in RAM. I’ve run plenty of wargames where we all read the whole rulebook and promptly forgot a bunch of rules during the first couple of games.

This is true, and I acknowledged that. But it greatly improves the situation, and it's a big difference from someone who's totally new to the game, and someone who's played for ages. I dunno...I just hink it's really easy to overlook the slightly negative effect of that experience.

EDIT: Again, just to be clear, I am not arguing that there's nothing confusing about the rulebook - there is! - just that there is a difference in how someone without prior experience approaches ACKS.

I think it is fair to say that I went in with a lot of assumptions and thus didn't realize ACKS did things differently until it came up. Reading the thing cover to cover might've helped.


That said, the book does have some severe ergonomics issues where nothing is ever technically in the WRONG place, but it does seem like it takes me more guesses than with other systems to find what I'm looking for. That said, I think Alex knows and feels bad about it, so we try not to mention it too much.

The book was absolutely written as if you would read it cover to cover, and as a result many mechanics are in the wrong place when you want to use it as a reference. The inspiration/guide for the presentation was BX, which very much introduced rules in an as-you-are-ready-for-them format. Unfortunately (a) few players that buy ACKS read rule books that way anymore and (b) ACKS is a teensy bit longer than BX. So it didn't quite work as well as I'd hoped.

If someone is so inclined, it would be helpful to me if you started a thread mentioning the rules you find least accessible/hardest to find or learn in actual play.


Dreaming of 2nd edition, huh?

Nothing like opening a can of worms!

But back to my questions ...   :)

Essentially you have a 10% to do stuff that's not explicitly stated you have a better chance (if I'm doung my 18+ on a d20 math correctly) that right?




tcgb, I find the ACKS reference tables (from the download section) invaluable at collecting key numbers spread across the book in one place for easy use at the table - and yes,they have the open doors stuff right on the first page.  Some stalwarts put them together ages ago:

Regarding the last question, 18+ is basically a 15% chance and is the closest you can get to 1d6 on a d20 - it's a good guideline to use when there's no rule.  Lots of things that were 2 in 6 chances in the old BX system are now 14+ in ACKS (like elves detecting a secret door).

No. The stuff mentioned is explicitly's and there.


By "10%" I meant "15%" of course.  I was using that new metric math.


I get an "access denied" message trying that link.  Perhaps they've vaporized my account for being a troublemaker.    I'll try at home - maybe it's this phone that is the problem.

Just as background, ACKS core was written for a broad OSR audience, some of whom demonstrate their OSR -ness by despising anything that smells like a skill system. Therefore, ACKS core walks the difficult path of Proficiencies being presented as optional (with a light hand).

As time has passed, it seems people who like ACKS like Proficiencies, and there are numerous posts on the forum asking for more detail and explanation on Proficiencies and related throws.

Still, there are many who tweak Proficiencies and throws to their tastes, such as d6 rolls, ability checks, etc. “Every campaign is a law unto itself …”

I think the Autarchs have way too much cool stuff in the pipeline to seriously contemplate a 2nd edition. However, I dream of a glorious 10th Anniversary Deluxe edition – largely the same as ACKS core, but with a wealth of clarifying sidebars and cross-references. And a few key bits from D@W, maybe. And an integrated Auran Campaign primer. And a Judge’s Screen, darn it.

You had me at "glorious 10th Anniversary Deluxe edition."


I get an "access denied" message trying that link.  Perhaps they've vaporized my account for being a troublemaker.    I'll try at home - maybe it's this phone that is the problem.


Weird, I'd drop support (email in the footer) a note about the downloads section.  I thought it was public for all forum folks.

Shut Up And Take My Silver Talents!

Can't get the file on my home PC either - sent question to support.

That particular file is locked to original Kickstarter backers of ACKS. 

That being said, the Judge's Screen by Beragon at the bottom of the page is very much the same content, and has many of the adventuring proficiency rolls.


man, you'd think after all this time those reference files could be safely opened up to the public.

There's honestly not a lot in there that either hasn't been done better elsewhere or has been obsoleted.

It would be worth a lot of ducats if it had the spell points for each spell and build options used for each class in the fancy-schmancy sidebars.

It's the glorious 10th Anniversary Detect Invisible edition!