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A few observations, mostly minor:

On page 18, at the bottom, it describes who may be in the dining room. That paragraph says to check page 29 for the Valerians, and also to check page 29 for named characters. I think just the latter observation is necessary (i.e. “see p.29 for details of named characters”). Currently it feels odd because with the structure of the sentence, you have the Valerians (see p.29), Socolo, and other named characters (see p.29), which made me momentarily wonder if Socolo was described somewhere different from everyone else.

There’s a “see p.XX” on page 27, for the Guildmaster.

It could be helpful to know the settlement size for the locations listed on page 27. Turos Tem’s size is given, but not any of the other settlements (or if they are, I’ve totally missed them). Somebody’s party is going to want to have Adventures in Accounting and try trading between the settlements.

There’s another “see p.XX” on page 31, when discussing Socolo’s ability to identify things.

And another “see p.XX” on page 32, in Methori’s write-up when discussing Drusus.

There’s an odd superscript issue in the description of the dwarven furriers, where the word “stone” has a superscribed st and regular one in the weight of the deerskins.

The example in Appendix II has a typo in the formula. It should be 30 days x 20 hp, not 30 days x 10 hp. This also affects the volume of effect, which should be 19,464,900 cubic feet, not 18,209,100.

The two types of ammunition for the new siege weapon don’t have descriptions or effects.

In the text, Craftsman’s Tools isn’t bolded like the other items.

The pennant and banner seem have an invisible “x” in their size descriptions in the table of new items. The pennant looks like it reads “Flag, Pennant (3’ 1’)”, but when I copy and paste it, there is an “x” there, it’s just not visible in the PDF.

Thank you!

Would it be possible to add a table that gives the likely location of each important resident of Türos Tem at the various times of day?

(I am not an Autarch and have nothing to do with this adventure)

That strikes me as something that would be better suited for a spreadsheet or similar data lookup element, in which you could select the time from a dropdown and see the location of every important resident at that time of day.

(Now I want to make that spreadsheet. No promises though!)

There are other OSR modules that do this, and it is a useful element in play. A significant fraction of the play base does not use Excel (out other digital tools) in play.

The xp value for Idimmu the demonic should be adjusted by +250 for spellcasting abiltiy. A note on number of spells per day (2 / 1) could be useful?