I hope this is posted in the right forum. If not, please let me know.

The 12-page Path of Mavors preview is excellent all around. However, I’ve noted about 34 typos in the pdf. If there’s interest, where do I email my list? And is there need for proofreaders in the future?

Catching typos is a valiant and much-needed effort!

With other Autarch projects, we've done two things:

- post the typos by page and sentence in a forum thread (like this one!) so that others can see which are already caught and add their own new ones

- collect volunteer editors' track-changes corrections to the Word files for later integration 

The first of these is casual and can be done by anyone; the second is for more dedicated folks (which you seem to be!). You can send me files at for now, I will see about setting up a specific email for this purpose.

Thanks, Tavis. I’ve sent you the Word doc by email.

I have checked the last Word document with all the drafts (great idea to keep it all together). I just wanted to mention the omission of the map for the Reliquary, level 2B. I am assuming that this is not due to major changes to the map, right?

No, just an accidental omission. I noticed that tonight myself when running a head-to-head Dwimmermount expedition!

In the label on the level 0 map in “Dwimmermount Word File 10-26-12.doc” p. 124, and on the level 0 map in “Dwimmermount Map 0 - The Divinitarium.jpg,” “Divintarium” should be “Divinitarium”. Divinity students typically lay great stress on the presence or absence of an iota :slight_smile: