Pushing attributes, skills and powers

A good rule for “pushing” SPs is what it misses more from the rulebook. I was thinking to something like a dieroll and a condition to add after the roll, depends from the color. What do you think ?

Not entirely sure what you mean - can you give an example or two?

  1. You need more Might for moving an object;
  2. You need more Flight for reaching escape velocity (15 if I remember well).
    I am thinking about all those situations where you wish to have an AV or DV higher than yours.
    But, now, reading better, I think that I can get the same effect spending Hero Points, for that critical situation (iconic cinema scene from Spiderman homecoming).

Well, moving specifically has a special rule for “moving all-out” (p281), for lifting something particularly heavy, it would be a Challenge Check, which means you can spend Hero Points to adjust the RV (p272).