Pyromancer and Cryomancer

I’m running an ACKS campaign set in Hyperborea (from North Wind Adventures’ AS&SH). I’ve created a number of custom classes for the game, and have posted two that I thought might interest folks here:

Pyromancer and Cryomancer:

The classes are basically variant Warlocks (from the ACKS Player’s Companion) with all the special abilities swapped out for elemental-themed options. They sacrifice some spellcasting ability in return for quicker advancement and special powers.

Note that I’m using a number of house rules…

I’ve got a Pyromancer in my current campaign; I’m interested to see how the class performs compared to a standard Mage.

Fun stuff! I’ve been following your Astonishing ACKS development on your blog. ASSH is a close second to ACKS for me, I’m glad someone’s combining them.

Mutants & Magic is one of the blogs I read as well (along with Jeff’s Gameblog, Wandering Gamist, Dyson’s Dodecahedron, and Delta’s D&D). These in particular didn’t leap out at me, but I like the variant barbarians and the shield-maiden that you did, and I LOVE the Totem Witch. I’m a little more fond of Leiber than Howard, which probably influences what I’m drawn toward, but you’re putting out some very good stuff.

For the others, Wandering Gamist’s Dwarven Muleskinner is a class that has endeared itself to me, since it creates that level of interaction between dwarves and humans that I like in my campaigns, as has the Valkyrie that inspired your Shield-maiden. Jeff’s Gameblog has a nice post from May about creating random reigns for backstory. Delta’s look at the history of the game is useful to me when trying to house rule things, and Dyson’s maps are good for my style of game.

Thanks for the kind words. One of my current players is in fact a Barbarian. Since he doesn’t have the ACKS Player’s Companion, I did a one-page class summary of the Hyperborean Barbarian:

One-Page PDF: