Quick Question about the adventuring proficiency

When using the Adventuring proficiency actively is there a roll associated with it, and if so what is the target number 11+ on the 20?

The “standard adventuring tasks” AFAIK refers to things like “Listen at Doors”, “Search Traps”, “Search Secret Doors” – which for normal characters have a difficulty of 18+.
I don’t think there should be a throw associated with things like making camp, generally speaking.

The sole purpose of Adventuring as a proficiency is, as it seems to me, being consistent within the system. Commoners have proficiencies and so do adventurers; however, the difference of their capabilities should be made clear at every level of the system, including proficiencies.
A non-adventurer character possessing “Adventuring”, for instance, makes him not only suitable for accompanying the PCs on their journeys, but also unique amongst his fellow commoners.