Random Encounter Generator

In the spirit of the treasure generator linked on this website, and because the process is a little convoluted, I thought I’d try my hand at building a tool to simplify the generation of random encounters.

Right now, the software includes a die roller, a listing of the core rules monster list, a generator for wandering monsters/random encounters based on terrain type and the encounter modifier, and a set of counters to keep track of monster hit points. Currently, the software has 96% functionality. Most encounters will automatically bring up the appropriate monster entry, but some are a little more complicated including a variety of the types of Men, NPC parties, and Dragons, as well as a few other monsters that simply aren’t included in the monster list (Oil Beetles?). The program will still tell you what the encounter was.

Quantity is something I haven’t quite figured out. The dungeon encounter table gives a number that is different than the one that appears in the monster list. I assume the one on the table is for wandering monsters, whereas the other value is for random encounters? In any case, the value from the encounter table is reported, and you can find the other values in the monster list entry for any given encounter.

The software can be downloaded using the following link. I haven’t hidden any nasty surprises that I know of, but you’ll just have to trust me. You’ll need Java installed on your computer to run it and I can’t currently guarantee that it will work on anything other than Windows.


As far as debugging goes, there are a few monsters who may not yet automatically match up with their monster list entry. If you find one, let me know.