Recommendations for Level 4-6 Modules

So it's looking like my playgroup is ready to plumb the depths of ACKs once more in a short time.  This time, everyone has agreed that we'll start at adventurer tier, levels 4-6.  Unfortunately I don't have quite as much material that high level.  Sure, I'll pepper the sandbox with things of all levels, but I'd like the rumors they go digging for to have a slightly higher rate of things in their range, or at least higher than 1st/2nd level.

So, if anyone has recommendations for modules or adventures or what-have you that are vaguely compatible and roughly in the levels 4-6 range, I'd appreciate them.  Acknowledging that I don't believe anyone has made such a high leveled actual ACKs product (I would think I'd have heard about that!), I'm looking to pilfer first from vaguely compatible systems: B/X, Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Dungeon Crawl Classics, etc.  If something is systemless, like a particular one page dungeon, it's fine as long as it's vaguely medieval fantasy.  Beyond that, I'm open to less compatible rulesets if you think it's a good fit to plop into a sandbox and wait for it to lure in the player party.

All recommendations are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

From the TSR era:

I1 Dwellers of the Forbidden City (the origin of the aboleth, mongrel-man, tasloi, and yuan-ti)
X1 Isle of Dread
X2 Castle Amber
X9 The Savage Coast
Evil Tide/Night of the Shark/Sea of Blood (the Sahuagin trilogy)

thanks! my familiarity with the TSR era, especially "classic" modules is pretty limited.

Hey Jard! Here are some of the ones I used:

X1 Isle of Dread

X4 Master of the Desert Nomads

X5 Temple of Death

I3 Pharoah

I4 Oasis of the White Palm

Pocket Full of Peril #2: Tomb of Ice

Pocket Full of Peril #3: Spider Riders of Pern

Pocket Full of Peril #4: Ruinds of Rabon Nov Dranbon

JG102 Caverns of Thracia

One Page Dungeon 2009: Chantry of the Earthflame

One Page Dungeon 2009: Serpent Temple - Lost Tombs

One Page Dungeon 2010: Trolls Will Be Trolls

awesome! thanks Alex!  I was just thinking of Caverns of Thracia the other day while a player asked about Thrassians.

The Thracians in the module refer to the humans of course, but they had an Ancient Mesopotamian vibe and were preceded by lizard-men. I named my own lizard-men Thrassians in their honor. 


Bryce Lynch ( has a blog post with a list of awesome new OSR adventures on it (including URLs). Not really organised by level or anything, but lots of fascinating things in there.


I also like Dyson's Delve, although it's for character levels 1-6, so YMMV. For levels 4-6, he has about 7 or 8 other adventures that fall in the right level range, though I don't think I've played any of them.

I love tenfootpole for reviews, it's how I discovered deep carbon observatory.  If he had some way to filter by level I probably would have gone straight there because his values in what makes a good dungeon are very similar to mine, with me being slightly less into gonzo.

Dyson's Delves I and II are great.  He does a good job of creating adventures that feel like they cover all the bases in what you'd want from a standard adventure.  I think ultimately I'll have to get brave and start filling out the many blank maps on my own.