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Thanks for the review, hope to play again with your crew (and kids) soon.

A thought on reviews and advertising.
Recently I’ve been listening to a The One Ring actual play podcast while driving to and from work. Not only is it entertaining, I’ve also been learning the rules without having to read the book!
In this day and age of the Internet, have you considered recording your own example actual play sessions, perhaps with rules explanations interleaved, linking them to your web page and so providing your own review/tutorial? WotC did it via those 4e videos with the chicken comedian people. You’ve gone the video route with your “trailer”. Podcats would be the obvious cheaper way and I think is a greatly underestimated advertising medium by RPG companies.

Another thought.
You might want to link to those reviews prominently on the wordpress site: currently googling for “adventurer conqueror king review” brings up more announcement/promotion stuff than actual reviews.

Here’s mine:

Thanks for the very kind reviews. It is very gratifying to get such positive responses. They far exceed what we could have hoped.

Here’s another one:

just saw this one.
“I can see ACKS taking much of the OSR community into new, exciting directions. And considering it’s powered by an OGL, you just may see some fantastic products from third party publishers.”